Spaces Hosting

Hosting built to fit your needs!

There’s a lot going on under the dash. This is the new era of Spaces: upgraded infrastructure, fine-tuned architecture, and rock solid partnerships with Google Cloud (it’s good to have friends in high places). Our powerhouse platform is more scalable, more resilient, and faster than ever, providing impressive up-times of 99.9%. This means no worries about your site going down.

Auto Heal, Auto Cache

Can your site heal itself in the event of service failure or PHP issues? Does it automatically read your integrations and run cache checks? Ours does! We don’t just make your website work, we make it work for you.

Sand Box Before You Start

Spaces allows you to experiment to your heart’s content. Use Spaces’ staging sites to play around, chop and change, and creatively develop into your site’s design away from prying eyes – no plugins required, no separate server needed.

We backup our backups

When we build out redundant backups, we save them to multiple hard drives, inside the Cloud. This means multiple back ups, multiple times a day.

Instant Scaling Technology

Caution: your success may lead to traffic spikes! This isn’t one of those lame marketing jokes where we pretend you won’t like good results. Traffic spikes can actually mean problems with crashing. However, Spaces is agile in scaling your site to millions of visitors, instantly. No crashing, and no need for downtime or extra hardware.

Fequently Asked QuestionsFAQS

Soooo, is this shared hosting?

No – Spaces hosting is not shared hosting. The IP addresses (or load balancers) are shared, but each Spaces site has its own resources – it’s own Space.

Will My Site Be Better/Faster/Stronger?

Yes. If you’re moving from mass-market hosts like GoDaddy or HostGator, your site will be noticeably faster. Our upgraded PHP, Space Cache technology, and state of the art infrastructure that leverages Google Cloud’s global network make for unbeatable speed. Our uptime on the new platform is also incredible due to auto-healing technology (you’re lookin’ at 99.9%)!

How does Spaces Cloud Platform differ from other host that utilize GCP?

Many of the well-known hosts you’ll see advertised are better suited to small WordPress sites or blogs. It takes extra horsepower to run e-commerce sites or those with heavy traffic. Our superior infrastructure offers much higher scalability, and no sites share resources. Spaces’ holistic design system empowers you to deliver a digital experience like no other.

What if I already host with another provider?

No problem. We take care of all migrations and domain transfers – for free. Spaces is all-inclusive, all the time, so we provide you with White Glove-level service.